Topcon CV-5000S phoropter


The CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester sets new quality standards. The fast lens rotation provides comfort for both user and patient while the compact and contemporary design enhances the doctor’s professional image. The CV-5000S provides a complete 21-point refraction and features the KB-50S One Dial Controller with a 10.4” color touch-screen display. Complete connectivity allows data to be sent automatically to every CV system throughout the office and populated automatically into the EMR, making paperless refraction a reality.


  • High speed lens chamber
  • One dial controller with color 10.4" LCD touch screen
  • Small optical head to enhance patient communication and comfort
  • Record a full 21 point refraction
  • Automatic data input from pre-test instruments
  • Color-coded cross cylinder
  • Up to 5 user defined personalized refraction programs ensures ease of use
  • No hassle installation and on-site user training ensures quick return on investment
  • EMR Ready
  • Paperless refractions!
  • Interactive patient education software included
  • Exclusive eyeglass selling button!


Reichert Phoroptor VRx


Drive practice efficiency and accelerate the exam process. Phoroptor VRx Digital Refraction System easily adapts to your practice, allowing you to rapidly perform all of the functions of a manual Phoroptor, and so much more, while comfortably seated next to your patient.

Phoroptor VRx sets new standards in digital refraction. With the thinnest, most compact design available, incredibly fast lens exchanges, motorized prisms, split cylinder lenses, and ultra-quiet operation, Phoroptor VRx offers an outstanding patient experience.

The touchscreen display and ergonomic keypad features a multi-function control knob with unmatched feel and versatility. The intuitive interface has all the pre-programmed and programmable tests you’ll need for an exceptional user experience.

Phoroptor VRx connects to EMR systems as well as numerous models of pre-test and acuity devices from both Reichert and non-Reichert brands, for effortless integration.

Phoroptor VRx is made in the USA.


Reichert SightChek Auto Phoroptor

With a modern design and intuitive layout, the SightChek™ Digital Phoroptor® features the precise refraction readings you need combined with an exceptional user experience that will take your efficiency to the next level.

Better Diagnostics. Better Care.

Designed for maximum efficiency that allows you to rapidly perform all of the functions of a manual Phoroptor®, all while comfortably seated next to your patient.

An Outstanding Patient Experience.

Lenses are quickly exchanged using the central control knob, helping to minimize patient eye fatigue.

A Full Range of Guided Tests.

Easily perform programmed guided tests such as Phoria, Fused Cross Cylinder, and Binocular Balance.

Near Vision Testing Made Easy.

Automatic convergence, auto-illuminating near vision light source, and a detachable near vision rod and card are available for maximum efficiency in near vision testing.

Choose Your Cylinder.

Adjusting cylinder power and axis can be completed using the traditional Jackson Cross Cylinder or Split Cross Cylinder for fast, convenient, and accurate astigmatic testing.

Your Practice. Your Refraction.

Easily create your own refraction sequences using up to 3 customizable programs to increase total practice efficiency.

Enhanced Efficiency.

Connect multiple SightChek™ Digital Phoroptors and Reichert® pre-test instruments for a completely connected office.

The Best Possible Patient Care.

Integrate with EMR systems, removing risk of transcription error and increasing throughput

Manual Phoroptors

Reichert Ultramatic Illuminated Phoroptor


  • The Illuminated Phoroptor® and the original Ultramatic Phoroptor® are the only refractors that carry a limited lifetime warranty - your assurance of lasting quality and enduring value
  • Legendary feel and world-renowned mechanical quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Precision geared rotary prism for more precise interpolation of small prism diopters
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Lighted sphere, cylinder power and cylinder axis scales are easier than ever to see
  • Utilizes cool-running, energy efficient LEDs
  • Light only what you need to see without affecting the darkened refracting environment
  • Patented LED design results in maintenance-free illumination without the need to ever change a bulb
  • Single, easy to use illumination control
  • Available in plus or minus cylinder
  • Available in black or white


Reichert Ultramatic Phoroptor


 The Reichert Phoropter is the only refracting instrument completely designed and manufactured in the U.S. Each Phoroptor is made of nearly 1,000 pieces, assembled by hand in our Buffalo, New York factory.  

Lens position and power verified by an auto-indexing, PC-based lensmeter

Precision geared rotary prism for more precise interpolation of small prism diopters

Corrosion-resistant materials

No plastic internal components

Legendary feel - smoothness and positive detents that made the Phoroptor famous


Topcon VT-10 Phoroptor



The VT-10 Vision Tester provides exceptional quality and value, featuring quick, easy and accurate refractions. Notable features include synchronized cross cylinders, an extended measurement range, and multi-coated lenses

  • Quick, easy and accurate refractions
  • Precision engineering for superior performance
  • Extended measurement range 
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Synchronized cross cylinders
  • Wide testing range 
  • Available in silver and black


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